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This site is your link to an experienced Registered Dietitian with over 16 years of clinical nutrition experience in a traditional medical setting plus the integrative nutrition training that is missing from conventional medical treatment to help you address health problems and meet your individualized needs.  If you are interested in addressing problems like hypertension, hyperlipidemia, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, and gut issues like IBS or SIBO, working on your nutrition is foundational to a path back to health.  A comprehensive assessment of your history, current symptoms, lifestyle, and labs is used and can be combined with nutrigenetic testing and food sensitivity testing to help pinpoint problem areas and formulate a plan calm inflammation and fill nutritional gaps that may stand in your way to wellness.   A food centered approach can also utilize professional line supplements targeted to meet your specific needs as part of a holistic approach to your wellness.  

Because our problems can be quite emotional to work through, stirring up emotions and resistance change, we may also utilize non-invasive techniques to calm the brain's limbic system such as the Emotional Freedom Technique or various forms of sound healing therapy.  

To be well, the body also needs regular movement and rest.  I can help you find ways to comfortably increase your movement and get a great night's rest.  


You may be tuff and grinding through life like a trooper in spite of all the challenges and health problems you are dealing with, but don't sell yourself short!  Quality of life drops when your body is not well.  Don't waste anymore time and start living with renewed energy!  Reach out today! 

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