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Registered Dietitian & Nutritionist (RDN) with MS Degree in Nutrition

Certified Dietitian Nutritionist (CDN)

Certified LEAP Therapist (CLT)

Functional Medicine Nutrition Specialist (FMNS)

Currently also the professor for Advanced Clinical Nutrition in Clinical Practice at Stony Brook University Graduate Nutrition Program


About Me 

Hi, my name is Anne Marie Berggren, I am a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist working in the clinical setting since 2006.  I'll confess, the picture to the left is from 2011, but I'm still feeling young and energetic.  I help others with chronic and acute illnesses in a traditional hospital setting, but have always had a passion for the integrative, alternative, and complimentary healing arts which led me to training in integrative and functional nutrition.  I continuously learn and grow in this area, researching through evidence based resources.  In my life I've struggled with health issues that were not adequately addressed in the modern medical arena.  Addressing issues with gut health, adrenal health, and emotional well being utilizing food, supplements, sleep practices, and a holistic approach in combination with our current healthcare system creates a path to sustainable health and wellness, allowing you to heal, and can yield optimal results.  With integrative nutrition, it's like peeling the layers of an onion.  You can get to core issues that affect your health, and the root of problems.  On the pages of the website and blog you can find information about nutrition, health, and wellness to inform you (but this, of course, is not a substitute for medical treatment or advice).


On my journey, growing food has been an integral part of the healing process.  On this website, you will find information about home gardening that I hope will inspire and nurture both your health and connection to Earth.  It's too easy these days to stay indoors and on screens.  May this screen inspire you to venture into the outdoors, or reclaim your own back yard if you have that available to you. 


Additionally, you will find resources to assist you in living a non-toxic lifestyle.  Our bodily detoxification systems can be easily overwhelmed in today's toxic world.  Decreasing your toxic burden helps take considerable stress off the body, allowing it function more optimally.  I have used essential oil based products for years now, and highly recommend you try out the Young Living essential oil lifestyle for yourself as part of a non-toxic lifestyle. 


Thank you for visiting this page.  May your days continuously bring you into greater alignment with your best life.  May the information you find here assist you in doing so. 

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