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The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.” -Dr. Seuss

A must read if you're pregnant...
or aiming to be so soon!

This book is a fully cited (with peer reviewed scientific literature), yet easy read for the lay person resource on optimal nutrition for pregnancy.  Pregnancy is a great time to step it up as you can impact generations for the better.  Easy to take on in small sections at a time and be up to date on some of the latest findings related to supplements as well as whole food based nutrition - there's no fake stuff in here!  Also consider her other book Real Food for Gestational Diabetes. But this one is also a lower carb based diet.  

A new approach to stress relief

Tapping is a non-invasive, meridian-based technique you can learn to calm the nervous system and restore energy to your body.  You combine 'tapping' on precise pressure points with your own spoken word while focussing and speaking about things that trigger a stress response for you.  This helps calm the stress response and release fears, limiting beliefs, anxiety, things you could be stuck on for years can be melted away in minutes of focussed practice.  Sounds woo-woo, but actually is now an evidence-based, scientifically studied practice!

A Field Guide to Dreaming

If you aren't paying attention to your dreams you are missing out on a valuable, innate tool that gives you profound insight into your life!  Your dreams can contain information that can inform and guide your waking life...  In this book you can learn techniques to begin to improve dream recall, and start working with dreams.  Give it a try!

Super Dreaming

If you're getting really into the dreaming thing...consider this resource from Charlie Morley, a lucid dreaming expert.  I still haven't mastered this myself, but he reports profound healings using the power of lucid dreaming.  Quick tip:  If you see a scary being in your dream, it's some shadow part of you that needs a hug...if you can hug the bad guys in your dreams it can have a healing affect on the rejected or shadow parts of your self.   Also, if you can talk to them, you can gather profound information on what kind of healing your body needs and possibly even heal what's ailing you in your stuff.

Your Word is Your Wand!

Ever notice how negative and sarcastic everyone is pretty much all of the time?  It's poison!  This is a tuff one, but if you can change the way you talk about things, it's like a prayer to the universe or an order in a restaurant for what you want, so stop asking for what you don't want!  I tried something in this book about money that was owed me to return to me and literally the next day a $24 credit that a cable company had owed me for over 4 years showed up in the mail... small fries I know, but it blew my mind!!!  It even found me even though I'd moved 4 years prior and called several times to get the refund, but had given up years ago.  Then a few bigger things came my way that were unexpected.  This one will get you excited to change the way you talk about things.  So often when speaking to patients I hear them talk about their barriers to health in ways that are clearly self-limiting.  Try changing your language around your problems and watch them 'magically' resolve.

Your Super Self Knows

In this book a pretty amazing concept is explored:  We are connected to source and all information is accessable if you know how to ask.  Using a simple process that even a child can learn, you can identify blocked emotions trapped in your energetic field that may very well be root causes of illness and disease due to the prolonged effects of the associated frequencies they give off.  Once identified, you can even release them.  Far-out stuff, but also, totally non-invasive, so why not?

*This site uses affiliate links, which, at no cost to you, can provide me with financial income if you make purchases through these links.  My intention is to help you and help me.  These resources have helped me, and I have taken the time to share with you here.  I use income to pay bills, and buy more books (duh).  So now you know.*

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