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The DUTCH test looks at your adrenal and sex hormones.

Feeling BURNT OUT??


So did I.  Granted, I was working full time, a mommy of a toddler, in school (the education never really ends), and a wife, a home owner...  it's a lot.  But the brutal thing wasn't even the fatigue, it was where I could see my mind going.  I try to be geared towards the positive, but dark thoughts and feelings were creeping in, and I was just so tired.  I had a slightly high TSH, a sign of hypothyroid function, but my other thyroid labs looked o.k., even the ones I had to beg my doctor to order.  Even with other clinical symptoms.  I knew my sleep wasn't consistently good enough, but I needed some help.  I was willing to work on sleep, I was willing to give up screen time before bed.  But I still felt I needed repletion of some kind.  My DUTCH test, in many ways, told me what I already knew.  I was burnt out.  My cortisol levels were a basically flat line.  But that data and my integrative and functional nutrition training told me exactly what I needed to to do to start feeling better.  

If you are feeling this way, there is hope for you.  It takes lifestyle change.  For sure.  You will need to dedicate to a path and routine that supports wellness.  And also, there are some things we can add in to support you.  Life is a mission.  I'm here for you soul warrior in flesh.

In other news.... DUTCH test looks at your ability to detox hormones.  Why is that a big deal?  Excess estrogen is linked to weight gain, water retention, bloating, decreased sex drive, breast cancer...  It is good to check this out.  We can see if your detox pathways are truckin', or backed up in traffic.  We can course correct.  It is possible.  Click here to see a sample report.

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