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Enjoy Clean Living with Young Living Essential Oils

I've tinkered around with essential oils for years now off and on, but was recently bit by the Young Living bug.  Always looking for more natural, non-toxic products to use for self care and around the house, I've spent a lot of time looking up products and ingredients rated with the Environmental Working Group's (EWG) 1-10 rating system.  It would get frustrating being a BJ's, Target, or Harmen's and literally finding nothing with a low rating.  I bought stuff off Amazon, which worked fine... but when shopping for something new, the search was on again.  On Facebook, group pages for others like me, looking to buy non-toxic products, would go on and on, sometimes with exhaustive lists of products sourced from all over.  Short story long, this could get annoying.  A big value of switching to Young Living has been the convenience of one-stop-shopping.  It's not just oils, it's shampoo and conditioner, laundry detergent, cleaning spray, lotion, skin care lines and make-up, pet care products, gorgeous diffusers, stuff you'd buy at the big stores, but better.  I looked up each ingredient on these products, like I'd do before with the EWG rating system.  I thought I'd find something proving it wasn't what they said, but I didn't.  As a RDN (Registered Dietitian Nutritionist) with training in integrative and functional nutrition, I've come to realize that smaller companies (as in not sold and stocked at the big stores), that are dedicated to quality as part of their mission, are where it's at.  And these days with online shopping, delivery to your doorstep, and rewards programs, it's becoming the new norm.  I've always believed in voting with our dollars, supporting what you believe in and want to see more of in the world.  Having my Young Living Essential Oils membership is  yet another manifestation of that, and they really give back to you!  At this point in time, I get 24% off retail pricing, plus 25% 'point value' back (it's a reward that built over time with monthly orders of 50PV and started at 10%) that can be used to buy products, and each month there are always free gifts added to your order if your order reaches a certain amount.  This is really no different than Khol's cash, Old Navy Super Cash, 5% back with your Target card, getting more money off if you spend more... with this company it's called 'Essential Rewards'.  

A few things I love about essential oils is:


  • How diffusing can take your living space to the next level, freshening the air without any of the poisonous concerns of toxic air fresheners that disrupt our endocrine system, can stimulate headaches, and are just plain fake.  Young living offers several versatile diffusers as well, including ones you can plug into a USB at work, ones to use in your car, a cute dinosaur one that my dinosaur obsessed toddler son will probably be getting soon (to diffuse oils that support sound sleep of course!), and styles to suit all kinds of aesthetics, including ones that diffuse without any light so as not to disturb precious melatonin production that is so valuable for our circadian rhythm (aka sleep cycle).

  • The antimicrobial effects of oils!  Did you know that oils can be used to kill pathogenic bacteria and are used to treat bacterial overgrowth in the intestines, and even as alternative to antibiotics in antibiotic-free animal products?!  

  • The Thieves line of cleaning products smells so great and supports a non-toxic lifestyle.  You can even use this oil in your drinking water to support your health.  There are several videos on YouTube showing people who have done petri dish side by side comparisons to common house hold cleaners and even a raw chicken on the kitchen counter experiment.  These gave me confidence that the products work.  Maybe when a science fair experiment comes up we will give it a go for ourselves...

  • Essential oils in my mask.  People complain their mask stinks, but I'm having a spa like experience!  Young Living recently came out with the Aroma Ring, which is basically an essential oil containing clip on nose ring, but tiny and clear and discrete.  Not that it matters with our masks one!  


In our world today we are exposed to so many toxins in the air, water, food, and the products we clean our homes with and even use cosmetically.  To decrease our toxic burden and support resiliency, we can filter our water, choose less processed foods and organic foods, try and get fresh air, and change the products we are using.  These choices can dramatically decrease our toxic burden, allowing our bodies own natural healing capabilities to not get overburdened, meaning we can feel our best and be our healthiest!  Honestly just thinking about it brings such a sense of gratitude that we live in a world where at least we have these options now.

If you want to check out the oils for yourself, click the link below and soon your very own starter kit will be on its way to your home.  There are several kits to choose from, and you can start with as little as $25!  The best value is with the diffuser kits, or choose the CBD, Thieves Cleaner, or Ningxia red kits!  Looking for something specific?  Kits can be totally customizable!  

To keep your member discount of 24% off retail, you only need to place a $50 once a YEAR!  I started off the first few months with the Thieves line cleaning products, deodorant, and enjoying some rollers, diffusing, and adding oils to my water (ingestible oils are marked by a white label which reads 'vitality' on the front).  Later I tried the toothpaste, skin care, and hair products.  There are many different supplements, and many DIYs and even recipes to try.  


I know you will enjoy your journey MORE with YL products in your life and LOVE that they support clean living!  


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