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Caramelized onion puree....a secret ingredient in meat loaf.

Today is a big day as I completed training and testing to become a Certified LEAP Therapist. A whaaa? This training enables me to help you identify food sensitivities unique to you via Mediator Release Testing (MRT)

We then use the results of this testing to create a diet that allows your immune system to calm down for a couple of weeks, during which time symptoms related to inflammation that was being provoked by seemingly innocent foods you eat dissipate. We gradually add foods back in, but this period of calm allows the immune system to reset itself, and often times, take care of real threats to your health instead of reacting to foods.

What the heck does this have to do with caramelized onions and meatloaf you say? Well, there is a pretty major culinary component to being on a customized elimination diet. Eating out can't really be trusted for this window of time and while convenience foods options are getting better, nothing protects your investment in the process like made from scratch homemade. We were never really onion soup mix in a recipe people, but I know that is a thing, and when I asked my husband if he'd make meatloaf for dinner, he did something really different and interesting.

He cooked onions and shallots with butter (Kerrygold) till they caramelized, and then pureed them and added them to the meatloaf mixture. That's it, that's all.

I feel this really added something though that had us thinking about the onion soup mix using people out there. The initial phase of LEAP has you limit yourself to identified and tested safe foods only. This ends up being like 25 foods for a couple of weeks. So while simple, I feel it was worthy news for this blog.

*Side note: Garden fresh rosemary went into the drippings for a little gravy and really added something as well. Flavor enhancers like rosemary are among the 170 items tested, so it does not have to be a bland elimination diet!

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