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Products for Wellness

proone king filter set.jpg

I love this ProOne water filter.  Its filters are a ceramic infused with silver and have a carbon core.  In testing, they remove all the crap from tap water and you can literally smell (and taste) the difference between the top reservoir (holding the filtering water) to the bottom one (filtered water that is ready to pour out of a convenient spout as the filter sets atop a stand).  Say good-bye to dioxane, micro-plastics, pesticides and herbicides, lead, aluminum, arsenic, and bad microbes.  This filter also retains magnesium and potassium in your water.  This set up includes one filter, but there is space inside for four.  I like having four as this increases the speed of overall filtration, giving you the best filtered water ASAP.

Vital Proteins.jpg

Vital Proteins collagen peptides may support healthy connective tissue.  This is something I began investigating after tearing ligaments in my left ankle (2 completely and one partially!).  It happened when I tripped while going down the basement stairs to squeeze in on more load of laundry around 10:30 p.m....... I mean doing a round house kick and breaking a board in karate class.....  Anyway, looking for support possible, I added in this yummy drink mix.  It tastes great, and supports healthy connective tissue by giving you the building blocks of collagen.  It may be best utilized just prior to or after exercise to encourage uptake into tissues.  

animal parade vitamins.jpg

Like the Flin******s ones you grew on with, but better.  Animal Parade chewable multivitamins are kid-friendly, and contain methylfolate (ideal for MTHFR genotypes)  instead of the cheap, sub-optimal folic acid.  

For individualized information* about diet, lifestyle, and supplements to support your unique needs, consider a consultation (see contact information below). 
*Consultation is for informational purposes only and is not a substitute for medical treatment or advice.  

Try the new, environmentally friendly, reusable menstrual cup.  This one from by Saalt beats the competition.  Can be worn 12 hours.  Go extreme Earthy chic and look into returning your monthly flow to the Earth (oh yes, I just went there).

saalt menstral cup.jpg
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