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What is integrative and functional nutrition?

Ocean Rocks

An integrative and functional nutrition approach to optimal diet and lifestyle means there is no one size fits all.  While there are many basic truths for us all that may require lifestyle changes, like non-toxic living, sleep, stress, and exercise habits, food and nutrition can become highly individualized.  Our body's ability to withstand stress is dependent upon what we do to support it.  Like the legs of a dining room table or the roots of a tree, our health and resilience depends on all the support of a healthy base.  We will work to identify contributors to imbalance for a holistic approach to health and wellness.  We will look at labs from a preventative and optimal perspective.  We may investigate hormonal health and gut health.  We may investigate food sensitivities unique to you, identifying foods that support you without taxing your body's immune responses and develop meal plans to support your implementation of a specialized diet to get you feeling better fast.  We can also investigate your unique genomic influences to your nutritional biochemistry, work on sleep hygiene, holistic stress management skills, and detoxify products used for personal care and in the home.  We work to stop inflammatory processes in the body to support the body's function in creating a more resilient you. 

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