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Schedule a Session

Your telehealth visit may be covered by some insurance plans.  If it is not, $2/minute pricing is available through Kounsel.  

What to expect when you book a session:

When we have our first session, I will collect information about you including relevant past medical history, labs you may have available, current medications and supplements, and ask you about your goals and reasons for seeking a consultation.  You may fill out a form in advance which can save some time in your visit.


We will develop a plan to help you achieve your goals.  This may include diet and lifestyle recommendations, testing, supplements, and practices you can implement to create the health you seek.

A few of the tests I find helpful include food sensitivity testing, which can identify foods linked to inflammation in your body (this can be anything, even foods that are considered healthy), nutrigenomic testing, and labs that you may have from your doctor (or could ask your doctor to order for you).

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